#oneaday, Day 1: Testing, testing…

Happy new year blogosphere! And  here we are  at day one of the One a Day Project, and we start with some sad news.

Last night, New Years Eve, I was in bed before 11pm with the seasonal bug. I managed to avoid it before Christmas, but a couple of days ago it hit. A headache, sore throat and cough, so I’ve been drinking festive mulled Calpol (Lemsip) and feeling a bit sorry for myself. The next day I felt slightly better, but had passed on my germs to my wife, who in fairness had it worse than me.

So plans to go to London for a friends NYE dinner party were cancelled, a Chinese takeaway brought in and bad TV watched. Mostly seemed to be repeats actually.

We did watch the film Precious on DVD from LoveFilm actually – and ti was very good, I recommend it – though not a feel good movie and quite a hard watch. I have also taken to setting the timer on our new TV to watch Eastenders automatically to show my wife how much I love her. I feel that this will be a good time to do my blog in the future.

Well I am off to mull some more Calpol and try and get 2011 going.

* Lemsip as mulled Calpol is not my joke BTW – I think I saw it on Twitter, possibly from one of the Amateur Transplants