Competition Update – #PboVSHuntingdon

Well @Nat_Lucks has risen to the challenge and has also started to compile a list. As of right now she has 76 members to my 49. You can view her list at

However, we are yet to agree on the rules! I’m going to suggest that:

The winner is the person who, by midnight on Saturday 6th April (a week and a half from the start) has the biggest list of active Twitter users with a demonstrable link to either Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK for me, or Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK for Natalie.

Active will be defined by having tweeted in 2013.

Organisations, companies, bands, and individuals are all acceptable, but they must have a demonstrable link to the city (Peterborough) or town (Huntingdon).

We will then each count up the others list, and challenge any members of the list we believe are ineligible.

I’ll put this suggested rule to @Nat_Lucks for agreement and then we shall continue!