#oneaday, Day 52, Watches

I have always worn a watch, for as long as I can remember. My current time piece was a present from my now wife, and has as a feature a perpetual calender. Just before our wedding I had the battery in my wacth changed, and all seemed well.

This changed however on the 1st March. When my calender said 29th February. I have consulted the internet, but have thus far been unable to get it to stay changed to the correct date, and am now two days behind the rest of you.

The changing procedure requires a great deal of pulling the crown to the middle position and changing the time almost like cracking a safe. As a man, i will of course continue to try to make it good, before either

a) Adding on two days

b) Taking it to a professional

c) Buying a new watch

If any of my readers have experience of changing the date on a Timex Perpetual calender, please do get in touch.