#oneaday, Day 32, In praise of some podcasts

I like podcasts. It is nice to listen to people talking sometimes. Over time I have listened to Russell Brand, Chris Moyles and Rhod Gilbert. These however are not the subject of today’s blog.

The podcasts I want to tell you about have a link. A man from the South West. A poet, musician and very nice guy. Mr Tim Clare. I have followed Tim’s blog for a while, seen him perform and even read his book. And he recommended in his blog the first of today’s podcasts of discussion – This American Life. Each week they take a theme, and then tell a number of stories on that theme. I have heard tales of crazy haunted houses, where young people compete to be ‘best rape victim’, of mall life, the car industry and harrowingly in a recent episode about a man who confronted his childhood rapist. Each episode lasts about an hour, and everyone is different. Give it a try.

The second podcast I want to recommend is Mr Clare’s own – Podcast Mi Amor. It is only two episodes old, but worth a listen for the theme tune alone. Plus a great interview with Molly Naylor.

So wrap your ears around them both!