#oneaday, day 24, football pundits

So I understand some Sky football pundits left their mics on and ‘joked’ that a female assistant referee didn’t know the off side rule. It turns out that she had in fact made an excellent call, and the pundits were dropped from tonights coverage and given a stiff telling off. Or something.

Now it is obvious that sexist remarks have no place in society, and that anyone should be able to be what they want regardless of gender. However, I think this event has given us a larger question to consider – why do we need pundits?

For example, when watching football, I want to hear John Motson commentate. The man has been doing this since he was a boy, and seems to recall every game he has ever watched. Like referees, a professional.

Then along comes someone who used to play and at half time gives us ‘analysis’. To what end? Mostly they just seem to disagree or try and say something controversial. And are often wrong.

So let’s have more professional analysis please, and leave former footballers to advertise snack foods, supermarkets and to dance. Ice optional.