Get back on the horse!

I’ve been back at work for a little while now, and for a few weeks full time. It has been a fairly quick return, and apart from a bit of tiredness, I’ve got back into the swing of things.

I’ve also been determined to get back to some level of fitness. As I’ve said before, I have been unable to do any real exercise for a few years – either due to pain, fatigue or both, so I wanted to make a quick, but gentle, start, and not put it off.

Rather than joining a gym, I’ve opted to have personal training sessions once a fortnight, do some running, some cycling (when I get my bike serviced, it’s not really been used for 10 years) and try and find something else for once a week. This weekend I went to a bootcamp session organised by my PT and her cousin, It is fair to say this was too much for me to handle – I managed 20 minutes of the hour before having to stopm which was frutrating having managed my 1 hour PT session earlier in the week with no problems. However, the bootcamp (which I’d never tried before) was much more intense, which should probably not have been much of a surprise, but there you go, best laid plans and all that. It is something I would like to go back to sometime, but I think it will be a while yet…

I’ve been using apps on my phone and iPad to track my exercise and my food intake. Part of the PT service is looking at your diet, and I duly submitted my diet sheets. Too much processed sugar and fast food (in fairness it was a bad diet week, and fast food is quite unusual for me). So today I made some hummus and bought some smooth peanut butter, as well as getting some better snack options for both the office and working from home – since my surgery and recovering, my appetite seems to have been huge.

So I’ve got a 1.5 mile running route worked out, and my aim is to be able to run it all without stopping – I’m currently running as much oif it as I can then jogging/ walking alternate lamp posts.

My next run is on Tuesday morning, so feel free to tweet encouragement!