#oneaday, Day 56, Theatre

Whilst I have been home , I have seen a couple of plays in the studio at my local theatre – the Key Theatre. I like going to the Key – I was a member of the youth theatre here from 1993 – 1997, and also produced west Side Story here as part of my last job.  The studio is relatively new, and I have always liked those more intimate spaces, like the Junction in Cambridge or the Gulbenkian Studio in Newcastle.

I’m not going to do full reviews of the shows I saw. They were however both very good, with some excellent individual performances in both. What I liked was the opportunity to get out and see some live theatre, which is less accessible where I live now. Because theatre, like all the other arts, is important. It brings people together, gives us an outlet, something to discuss and debate.

It allows expression, challenge and gives us entertainment.

Don’t just take my word for it – watch this video.