#oneaday, Day 10, Glee!

Lea Michelle

Rachel from Glee

Yes readers, tonight Glee returned on E4. My wife has dreaded this, not because she dislikes Glee – in fact she quite enjoys it – but it will involve me looking at the character Rachel, played by Lea Michelle. Now we are comfortable enough to know that we will find other people attractive – indeed it was that fact that made ‘Love and Other Drugs’ bearable for me – but my wife does not appreciate why I find Rachel/ Lea attractive. But then I think Jon Bon Jovi is a bit funny looking and needs a haircut.

Now as I was writing this blog, I see from my Twitter feed that @davescarborough has posted a review of glee – you can find it here. And sir, I must respectfully disagree with your analysis. I do agree that the cast are ridiculously good looking – but then this is an American show. In Lost, teeth were whiter than white throughout. Not obscure ballads, but as Mr Shu said a mix of show tunes, soft rock and R n B and current songs. And these guys can sing, although again I will agree in part that the production does make it sound false. Ms Michelle for example starred in the musical Les Mis, and the live tour is in June in the UK.

Piles is a serious condition and should not be under estimated.

Seriously though, what I love about Glee is that it does not take itself seriously, the writing is slick – particularly Sue Sylvester and it has presented a number of issues in a thought provoking way – in particular disability. I’ll be looking forward to chilling out on a Monday night with Glee. And next week it’s the Britney Spears episode!