What’s this #IBDHour all about then?

So if you’ve been over on my Twitter recently then you might have spotted that I am launching #IBDHour – the first UK based Twitter Hour for Inflammatory Bowel Disease!

I am a massive fan of Twitter, and think it will be a great way to build the UK IBD community – as well as open it up to contributions from all over the world (where the time difference isn’t too much anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Twitter hours, then they go something like this. At a pre-arranged time, someone (the host) will start the hour off with some questions for discussion, and all the people participating use the hashtag – in this case #IBDHour – and answer the questions and then respond to other people.

The first event is going to be on 15th September at 8pm UK time, and the theme is going to be ‘Support’.

I’m really excited about it, and hope it will allow people from all over to have a virtual conversation.

If your interested in taking part, then follow @IBDHour on Twitter!

Competition Update – #PboVSHuntingdon

Well @Nat_Lucks has risen to the challenge and has also started to compile a list. As of right now she has 76 members to my 49. You can view her list at https://twitter.com/Nat_lucks/huntingdon-tweeps/members

However, we are yet to agree on the rules! I’m going to suggest that:

The winner is the person who, by midnight on Saturday 6th April (a week and a half from the start) has the biggest list of active Twitter users with a demonstrable link to either Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK for me, or Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK for Natalie.

Active will be defined by having tweeted in 2013.

Organisations, companies, bands, and individuals are all acceptable, but they must have a demonstrable link to the city (Peterborough) or town (Huntingdon).

We will then each count up the others list, and challenge any members of the list we believe are ineligible.

I’ll put this suggested rule to @Nat_Lucks for agreement and then we shall continue!

A competition

I have, in a moment perhaps of madness, challenged the Wiltshire Council Social Media Officer @Nat_Lucks to a twitter off.

I asserted that my home town of Peterborough is more Twitter savy than her home town, Huntingdon – about 10 miles down the road.

I don’t know how we are going to judge who wins, but I reckon a list of active Twitter users (individuals, organisations, bands etc) would be good, so if you know of any please let me know…

A few to kick us off…

I’ll start a list on Twitter – you can find it here

#oneaday, Day 73, Twitter Poem

A while back on Twitter I was trying to get myself up to 300 followers, so I announced that I would write a poem for my 300th follower, who ended up being a local councillor from Peterborough – Darren. I think he was expecting it to be a a bit different, as he sent me a link to his girlfriend’s Facebook page for inspiration. Anyway, here it is.

A Poem for @cllrdarrenfower

I thought it must be love

When Darren started following me

A fine man from Peterborough

He was my hundredth follower – times 3

And I promised him a poem

It wasn’t just a bribe

But a thank you for being 300th

Making me feel good inside.

It’s taken bloomin’ ages

To come up with these lines

His love is not for me though

As I shall now describe.

He follows 3500 people

He’s liberal through and through

His first love is for eleven men, who like to play in blue.

If they hadn’t been promoted, I don’t know what he’d do.

His real love is like a priest – in fact it is a Bishop.

A blonde called Jane who does tricks with bottles – or so it seem son Facebook.

So he asked for his poem to be for her – which was really very sweet

He thinks about you all the time – with every single tweet.



Richard Harris, July 2011

#oneaday, Day 44, Ubertwitter

I had a bit of a scare this weekend. My preferred Twitter app for my Blackberry – UberTwitter – had been cut off due to policy violations. The only Tweets you could access were from Twitter, giving a link to download an app with functionality.

Being a Twitter addict, I dutifully did download Twitter for Blackberry. And cut down my Tweets most promptly. It was rubbish. Reading the feed, searching. Just a really nasty piece of software.

Now I don’t know what Ubertwitter did – the internet suggests that it was something to do with advertising (which I don’t find particularly invasive) and perhaps using the name ‘Twitter’. Hmm.

Anyway, as of this morning, UberSocial was born, and I am happy to say it is great. Ubergreat.

#oneaday, Day 20, Outrage!

Tonight I did something odd. First, some context.

I used to live in Peterborough, where the MP is Stewart Jackson of the Conservative party. As such, I followed him on Twitter – you can see what he Tweets about here. He got in some bother once by Tweeting that sex education increased the STI rate.

Anyway, I don’t live there anymore, but never unfollowed him. Tonight, Mr J tweeted:

‘Not Going Out – rare example of brilliant BBC comedy’

A brief exchange ensued, the jist being ‘What about such and such’ covering classic and more recent comedy. The upshot was that I agreed with a Tory MP.

I fear I may be disowned shortly.

Also – who knew Stewart Jackson likes Gavin & Stacey?