Pouch Removal Update


Hello from the Bristol Royal Infirmary

I am now 3 days post op and doing really well. I spent quite a while in recovery whilst my temperature was low but I was hot, and still have the occasional sweaty period.

Today my epidural was stopped and catheter removed and waterworks are functioning which is good because that was a risk of the op. My last tube, a wound drain, will come out tomorrow.

Because my bowel and stoma were not really involved this time I’ve been eating and drinking since Friday night. The scar is slightly smaller than last time at about 8 inches and looks good. I’ve not been able to see the other wound yet as it is round the back, but it looks good too I am told.

Yesterday we managed to get Jonah onto the day room so I could see him briefly, and I’ve seen Donna, mum and dad everyday.

Something lovely Donna did was ask friends to write me letters, which have been lovely to read. They have varied in length and style, some focusing on now, others reminiscing about the past, and several dodgy photos of good times gone by.

Many of these have said they look forward to having more good times in the future – and I do too.