#oneaday, Day 77, Last Wedding Gift

Tomorrow my wife and I are making use of our final wedding gift – a voucher for a day spa at Center Parcs which they call AquaSana.

Now I have been to a Center Parcs spa before. It is all very lovely, with big fluffy robes and towels, and several varieties on a  theme – steam rooms, hot rooms, saunas and weird and wonderful showers with different effects i.e. drizzle, rain forest, Manchester etc. WHat I have not had before, and is included in our package, is a pedicure.

Now, my wife tells me I should cut my nails more often, and since we started climbing I have been keeping them trim. However, the idea of someone I have never met spending 50 minutes doing stuff to my toe nails is a bit… weird. I shall resist any kind of polish (if this weather continues sandals my be worn).

I shall let you know how I get on…

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