My channel of choice is… #HAWMC Day 5

Are you all about 180 characters or less? Do you
enjoy shooting the perfect photo? Or perhaps love
sharing posts on Facebook.What’s your favorite
platform to get your voice heard and why?

This is a tricky one. I love my blog and writing it, crafting a story and getting excited over stats. When I share it, Facebook is the place that I get most hits from, and there are some great groups out there to connect with other patients.

I love Twitter – so much so that I started #IBDHour in September this year. And Instagram with it’s combination of photos, hashtags and no character limit can also be great (when I remember to take a photo). I’ve also recently got into Snapchat which has been really interesting too…

So, I guess I haven’t really answered the question…


Right, Twitter is number one – follow me @doobarz and also @IBDHour

Facebook is number two for the groups

Then Snapchat – I’m Doobarz on that too

And then Instagram – can you guess my username?

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