#oneaday, Day 45, Book Review

This weekend I finished a book. It was in fact the fourth book in a series of two pairs of books. Written by Australian lady author Karen Miller and all about wizards. Well, mages anyway.

If you don’t like books with wizards and such, then you probably won’t start from this series. However, if you like the genre I can highly recommend them.

Starting with The Innocent Mage, followed by the Awakened Mage we enter the world of Asher, a great character who is really engaging. As you might guess from the titles, he turns out to be a mage, and does his magic all over and we have a happy ending.

We then get, some years later to The Prodigal Mage and The Reluctant Mage. Asher is still about, now has kids but the world in peril once more…

Anyway, like I say, if you like the genre give it a go. Or if you know me, borrow them.

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