#oneaday, Day 74, Hospitals

So today I had an appointment to see a new conultant at a new hospital as I have moved house. I picked the Bristol Royal Infirmary when I was given the choice a few motbhs ago, and it was only in the last few days I realised a few things about my impending visit:

1) I didn’t know where the hospital was.
2) I didn’t know where to park the car
3) I had no idea how much of a factor traffic would be in my journey.

Taking these things into account I read the leaflet they had sent me and set off an hour and a quarter before my appointment to try and park in the Broadmead Centre and use the free shuttle bus. My sat nav seemed to not cope well with this, and after 3 attempts I just followed some signs before finding a car park that would cost me£6.80 for the first hour, followed by one right by the hospital that was full before finding one a few minutes up the road that had both spaces and a reasonable pricing policy.

The BRI is a massive place, but the signage is pretty good, even with buikding works going on. All the staff were friendly and helpful, and I was seen promptly (having been advised there was a delay) and able to make follow up appointments easily and have blood taken without distress or repeated attempts to find a vein.

So, if you do have to go to a hospital, and it’s not an emergency, and you live not to far away, on my experience so far I’d recommend the BRI.

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