A bit of philosophy…

The hardest prison to escape from is your mind. Agree/disagree?

This question was posed on Twitter by a youth worker from London I follow. She works for the inspirational Only Connect.

I disagreed.


I think the hardest prison to escape from is not your mind – although this can be a very hard thing to do, particularly if you have depression or other mental illnesses. I think it goes a step further than that – the self. Your values and beliefs, as well as your mind play a big part in any prison you find yourself in.

In my experience of working with young people with low self-esteem, often it has been external influences that have put them where they are. That can be bullying, parenting, bad relationships and friendships as well as the media portrayal of body image. So the thought is embedded in their mind, but you have to work to change the influences as well as the mind set.

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