Stoma sited!

So one of the 7 stoma nurses has just been round to mark where my stoma will go – subject to the bowel behaving itself!

To have 7 stoma nurses feels amazing. I know the hospital is specialist in this area of medicine and care, but it feels very reassuring.

My new stoma will hopefully go just to the left of my old one. It couldn’t go any higher or lower because of the way my belly creases, but I am happy with that position. All the creasing could change post op anyway!

Sorry the photo is the wring way round. Two sites are marked, with 1 being the prefered , and 2 being the reserve. As long as there are not too many adhesions this should be fine. The surgeon has also been round and done the consent for the procedure, and answered some questions. My op will be in the afternoon, and I’ll see the anaesthetist in the morning. Nil by mouth from midnight, so just had my last dinner, including indestructible custard!

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